supplier sup‧pli‧er [səˈplaɪə ǁ -ər] noun [countable] COMMERCE
a company that provides a particular type of product:
supplier of

• Microsoft is the world's largest supplier of PC software.

• With California's orange crop halved, local suppliers have had to find alternative sources.

• What the retailer needs is a larger supplier base in order to be more competitive.

ˌfirst-tier supˈplier also ˌprimary supˈplier
COMMERCE a company that sells and delivers materials or goods to a customer's factory or shop:

• Our company is first-tier supplier of components to the world’s automotive manufacturers.

preˌferred supˈplier COMMERCE
a company that has an agreement with another company to supply it with goods or services:

• A major telecoms firm recently announced that it would make the company its preferred supplier of new data communications equipment.

ˌsecond-tier supˈplier
COMMERCE a company that sells and delivers materials or goods to a first-tier supplier

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supplier UK US /səˈplaɪər/ noun COMMERCE
[C] a company that provides a product, or the materials to make a product: supplier of sth to sb/sth »

The company is a supplier of software to the film industry.

leading/main/key supplier »

They used to be a leading supplier of medical equipment.


Most energy suppliers are doing well in the current economic climate.

the suppliers — Cf. the suppliers
See also FIRST-TIER SUPPLIER(Cf. ↑first-tier supplier), PREFERRED SUPPLIER(Cf. ↑preferred supplier), SECOND-TIER SUPPLIER(Cf. ↑second-tier supplier)
See Note MATERIAL(Cf. ↑material)

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